I’m so hurt I cannot write

I’m so hurt I cannot write.
Day-dead brilliance of crackling light, firework
eyes, acute fountains
of unflinching light, raw shards of colors
burning bright, Diwali night,
moon-less sky, diya lined.
I thought I would ask a star, but
they mask them all, spilled cups of smoke,
blurring my sight, and stings of tears, I tell
we are done, over. Then
I remember your sunshine smile. I
remember watching you pass by, and
it rushes back- the last six years of similar vibrancy.
Festivities strewn, candle flames, low-light shots,
I try to smile, posing helpless  along
marigold chains, fairie-lights.
I’m so hurt I cannot cry, all I
hear amidst these sounds, is a final “bye.”
©Mohana Das
Prompt: Wordsmith Wednesday @ http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/


3 thoughts on “I’m so hurt I cannot write

  1. Mohana, this is exquisite and so full of emotion. I love how you interweave the celebration of light with the darkness of the new moon and your (the narrator’s). Happy, blessed Diwali and thanks for joining this to WW.

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