Coffee morning

He could never decide on
the strength of his coffee,
distracted, as the
paper-boy with rolled-up
dirty sleeves rung the doorbell, before
swerving tight round the corner,
to criss-crossed destinations.

Over egg-yolks, and
exaggerated articulations I run my
eyes along lines minimalist,
sipping sweetened black alongside a
failing marriage, with his silence
taking in a recluse mole, part intimate,
yawning on my morn-hued skin.

©Mohana Das

Prompt: d’verse poets’s pub-


23 thoughts on “Coffee morning

  1. oh wow – really like how the scene unfolds before our eyes..a capture of a few minutes and yet..their whole world lies naked before our eyes..i like..and glad it is fiction..

  2. Love this:

    “exaggerated articulations I run my
    eyes along lines minimalist”

    It’s not fiction for someone! It’s amazing how unaware one party can be while for the other, it is painfully obvious that something is awry.

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