Lorrylia: A promise made

You would say I was a princess
of a far-away land, and
I gushed, “Maa, a real princess?”
You smiled your smile,
pulled me close, and said, “Listen, now,
quiet…” and you whispered to me of
Lorrylia, and of the star that fell.
I asked, “Was I the star that fell?”
You said, “Sshhh…” (it was our secret!)
“yes, it was you, darling”.

I said, “Tell me maa, tell me more”.

Lorrylia is our secret untold,
of passions, and bell-blooms brilliantly bold,
of streams, and geysers, and mayflies wild,
of dryads, and meteors, flawlessly mild.

I murmured, “Tell me maa, tell me more.”

But you said you had to go. They needed
“Maa” in my far-away land, and
I asked, “Can I come with you?”
You kissed my tears, and
touched my heart, and said, “Darling,
I will always be here. I will be in
your honeyed breaths, in
the music of your heart-beats.
I will be there where you are,
till Time doth melt this Soul.”

“Just promise me you will be good”.

Of Lorrylia, and Princess “Me”,
of every magic men can’t see,
of anemones pink as candy-floss, and
night-skies slick with veneered gloss,

I promised Maa I would.

©Mohana Das

Prompt at d’verse by Claudia: http://dversepoets.com/2011/10/29/poetics-call-response/


11 thoughts on “Lorrylia: A promise made

  1. oh mohana..when i first saw where this would lead i started shivering..so beautifully written and so sad yet peaceful and hopeful…really an excellent write..and now i start crying…oh my..

  2. this is lovely…a very nice scene you set in that moment between ma and daughter..a bit of magic, though an emotional end…i hope you will see her again….very authentic…i like…

  3. Beautiful! It made me ache for my father, though our goodbye was less tender. He left me with a joke, but at least I have a smile when T think of our last days

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