Autumn: A whimsy


Papery skies, fumed
with an over-ripe scent,
peeling off spines of hieroglyphs-
a neurotic green,
phosphorus splash of re-cycled mist.
I am allergic to nostalgia.

Filigreed rhapsody waltzes through
red leaves; a
coral Sun dis-mounts, chin-up,
dimples alluring decoupage October.
Wind blades sigh, fanning gilded eddies
along her feet, her
wild train of nuts, squirrels,
bees and berries.

Tone-on-tone is IN.
Example: the bright roof,
sloping over brighter stalks-
illustration, yes, I remember naming it
“home” in a coloring book of

©Mohana Das

Linked to d’verse Open Night Week 16:


11 thoughts on “Autumn: A whimsy

  1. I’m drawn to the chin-up sun, I felt from that description so perfectly convinced that I’d seen it in the image and then was surprised to not find it there when I scrolled up! The string of “nuts, squirrels, bees and berries” brought me back to the hazelbushes of Northern Ontario, with “bees” giving an extra pop of sound and warmth to the image. Mmm.

    • I guess autumn is similar everywhere…for me Ontaria is another side of the earth! As for the sun, it was just another whimsy, you know, throwing it in in the net of words.
      Thanks, Kathy!!!

  2. Lots of really striking imagery and deft language here–October decoupage, neurotic green(perfect descriptor for that color in the photo) and the straightforward statements (I am allergic to nostalgia) just underscore its effectiveness. An excellent poem.

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