Rendition in blue

astral tint,
rendition in blue.
imbricate light.
percolations of dreams,
pathos, echoes.

unstained white,
touch of every breath that

©Mohana Das

Prompt by Victoria Ceretto-Slotto @


26 thoughts on “Rendition in blue

  1. An excellent example of writing a sparse and dense poem where every word is necessary, and builds on the ones before and after. Not to mention the sheer visual quality of the language. Really well done.

  2. you are quite the wordsmith.. this was such a beautiful poem to read and see..
    “astral tint,
    rendition in blue.

    wonderful opening lines.. much enjoyed

  3. This is exquisite and made more so by the succinctness and succulence of the words. I am realising I have so very much to learn about poetry! Just beautiful.

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