A Nobody’s Words


The end is not always
“the end”,
though I learnt antonyms.

Feeding on darkness damp,
loamy rust of tectonic flaws,
territorial carmine,
I lie, beneath marbled gleam of epithaph-ed

Time is just another adjective.

Memories fade, trying to
clasp twilight in
skeletal interludes. She
scatters petals with busy affection,
(relinquishing is tough) on this irrevered
nakedness of atropied bones,
this Castaway minus a Soul.

Her dreams are taboo.

I wonder

what if God, like us, were plain ether?

©Mohana Das

Prompt: Magpie Tales Mag 90 http://magpietales.blogspot.com/2011/11/mag-90.html

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poem Award

I nominate Poetry and Icecream for “Jacaranda” for the next award.


8 thoughts on “A Nobody’s Words

  1. Dear Mohana: Adeptly stated sentiment which makes much sense! Particularly love;

    “this Castaway minus a Soul.

    Her dreams are taboo”

    I think we transform into ether too. Since, we’ve proved matter never dies, it just changes form. This would make monuments more for the living than those dead “Castaway” now ethereal ether!
    Thanks for making me think!

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