The Poppies


They kiss his inky feet,
with revered passion;
in soft red swells,
breathing as one
in the filtered afterglow.

Obscure euphoria,
restless on coral wings,
half-entranced –
to the amateur Venus
paying court.

Shadowed by the dusk:
transient splendor –
their sweet ignorance
lulls their eyes asleep
beneath hosts of
unchristened proboscis.

©Mohana Das

Prompt: d’verse Poetics


16 thoughts on “The Poppies

  1. poppies are one of my fav flowers, maybe because of their fragility, their lavish beauty and their need for freedom – if you pluck them, they waste away so captured their essence beautifully..and more..

  2. These are one of my favorite flowers, especially when you see them in a field. Your words transform the idea of courtship to another level. “Soft red swells” so depicts a field of flowers to go with this image.

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