Evening: Stringing thoughts

Summer ebbs, round empty wrists,
footprints unsteady lyrically melts
as exclusive silver- gelatined mists-
saddened by poesies, bleeding welts.

To blushing veins, in deep grey, grained
dark maiden fallacies wordlessly lead,
past morning jays, on days that rained
blessings on clover fairies tread.

Crescent stars weep consonants new
on promises shy eyes softly rehease
for lovers who sew love-hearts upon dew,
afloat, unweary, like tulle: emerse.

On skies unwashed, fresh fuchsia etched,
reigns whispers wine-lips wildly sketched.

©Mohana Das
(Sonnet, modified)


20 thoughts on “Evening: Stringing thoughts

  1. Sewing their hearts on dew while fairies tread on clover: gorgeously, lushly, soulful! VERY well executed, Mohana! You are getting better and better all the time, if that is possible!

  2. I want to curl up inside your head and just listen endlessly to these beautiful thoughts that flow like a peaceful stream. You always always always delight me. I am never disappointed. Another lovely pen from an amazing poetess! Bravo!


  3. Love your post here, Mohanna, and glad to see you at the Poetry Palace. I just signed in to link my site there. I love “On skies unwashed, fresh fuchsia etched”. Beautiful! You give me inspiration.

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