Sleep, my dear snow-star, sleep,
and dream of icing, candy floss, of
purple fairies lighting the moon,
then watch your hands fill with boons,
darling, as you sleep quietly.

I shall sing to you, my cinnamon love,
of skies bright like Sunday pools,
and hold my face close to yours,
let your fingers paint it cool.
Sleep, my darling snow star, sleep.
Sleep, with fairytales, magically deep.

The Lord will grant thy every wish,
of purple fairies, and candy floss,
and fill your eyes with velvet joy,
kiss your brow, kiss you night.
So, sleep, my dear love, sleep.
Sleep, my snow-star in nacre sea,
sleep, and woo proud Destiny.

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse: FormForAll


21 thoughts on “#016

  1. You have such rich images in all your poems and this is no exception. I love the faerie tale, velvety texture throughout. Babies always feel like silken velvet to me. You touch all the sense and your promises and blessings recall all the sweetness and innocence of childhood. Soft and dreamy!

  2. Mohanal, this is one of your VERY best love poems. You have succeeded in matching the word images of dreams and wishes to very effective colors, flavors, scents, sensations. You have involved all the five senses in this terriffic poem. Yet none of the images overpowers the others. Very well balanced! I congratulate you!

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