Salt summer yawns, nectarine gold
sheath velvet, with laughter impress
butterfly fragrance, pearl-sundress!

Dance closer green elves, and behold-
blur-rainbows on prismatic spurs,
beauty, betrothed, eyes enfold.

Blushing shy, wet in warm caress,
salt summer yawns, nectarine gold.

©Mohana Das


9 thoughts on “Summer

  1. This is so very lovely–the economy of words, and the colors; it’s like looking at an impressionist painting. Wishing you the best of the holiday season.

  2. Mohana, I really like your use of nectarine gold to end both your first line and your last line of this poem. A real clue as to where the value can be found in these salt summer yawns. Salt summer yawns can occur on a ski slope in winter when the dream is fueld by nature’s glories such as you describe here.

  3. What I love about your poetry is the sense of elegant beauty with which it is infused. There is often a peacefulness as well as a clarity that reminds me of a lake whose waters are so still they reflect the sky and forest branches and leaves along its shores. I have not been here in awhile, and I am sorry for that laxness. This and the other poems I have read this evening have given peace to my day.

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