Leaf in rain

concentric inspirations conceive,
the dripping contrast of a Melbourne rain
sleek kisses unmade, undressed
in coverlets of liquid sighs;
colors refracted, alloy
swirls in thousand fantasies
mirroring light, sharp trebles
leafing through canon lens:
yellowing blush dominating impeached
green of reversed summers,
Christmas festivities.

flux violet, sinking
in transparent rain running deep
along mottled serrations, dimpled
hearts, bleeding elegantly dark-

you splay twinkles of nostalgia,
eyes ecstatic.

©Mohana Das


16 thoughts on “Leaf in rain

  1. Ah, what beautiful vivid imagery, Mohana ji. You lead the reader in with the first line itself. There’s something of the line “concentric inspirations conceive” that I find alluring.. Wish you could have shared the image which u mentioned in the comment to Claudia too.. 🙂

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