Why hide your tears in this rain,
under wings of white gold?

Moisture sour on unbrellas bright,
lacking the whiff of smiles, your
eyes, unnhappily red, shedding
unscented solemnity on
indifferent flowers to be laid
at cold funeral feet…

and I thought angels never wept.

©Mohana Das


10 thoughts on “#021

  1. Mohana, this is my all time favorite post of yours since I started following you last year! The angel wings on the umbrella, the sweetly mourning face, the flowers–all so commemorative of how it was at my paternal grandfather’s funeral in the rain! Yes, I think angels shed tears when their assignment is to comfort us. How can they comfort us without showing respect for our loss? Totally wonderful in every possible way, both poem and artwork!

  2. Beautiful imagery to go with your words. Some might thing that angels do not cry but indeed, they probably do shed many tears. I am sure when my own mother died the heavens were filled with sadness.

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