On desert roads

emptiness uncured,
racing miles along sunset sands
nicotine highways
breathing holiday smoke-
leisure, laced calamine.
through see-throughs, exhausted,
cupping glass gazes glittery,
dusty eventide,
haloing naked silhouettes of
photogenic xerophytes.

darling eyes drink mirages;
aoelian fingers paint, splintered
colors articulating exuberance.

©Mohana Das

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22 thoughts on “On desert roads

  1. Mohana, you have SO successfully captured the spirit of post-celebratory recovery illusions! I find it so intriguing that you titled this poem “On desert roads” since my own series of posts have my critterly and unfolkfriends traveling desert roads after departing from the Wisemen just outside Herod’s palace and continuing to be drawn eastward. They are taking a “time out” right now to sort of regroup, pretty much what the protagonist of your poem is trying to do! Neat-o coincidence that is not really coincidence but a spiritual connection, I firmly believe! Be well,Mohana. Always enjoy dancing with your posts!

  2. Such beautiful language here–emptiness uncured is a great opening line, and the glitteriness of desert halos beautifully evoked. Very personal even as it describes landscape. K.

  3. Even the desert and the road seem a bit febrile, dream-heavy here, like lids that want to close over gritty eyes but can’t turn away from some sight that thralls them. Love your word choices, especially the description of cacti silhouetted and the sense of an arrival with which you end.

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