leaves topple one

a glacé crescent ebbs overhead
wraiths stick their tongues out for


infected, annular irises acquiesce

©Mohana Das


14 thoughts on “insomniacs~

  1. between the wraithes and the infected…there is an underlying menace to this…but that is insomnia as well…the leaves falling one at a time makes for a nice allusion to the passage of time too…slowly…

  2. Gosh, I just wouldn’t mind if the sweetness that feeds the fading figures of the night fed my need for sleep. I would nod off refreshed, so–rather than threat–I read a promise here that the moon will provide. Odd as that may seem. Lovely images.

  3. Oh, how good is this description of one of the worlds most annoying afflictions. I hate insomnia with a passion and have ever since I was small. You put a dark face on it and appropriately so. Loved this.

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