time weeps tears of tea
hiding absinthe eyes in
eclipsed mists
twilight has bloomed
precipices refract fire
inside cumulus
creeks twist naked-
distorted like secrecy
©Mohana Das


6 thoughts on “#028

  1. the tears of tea and hiding absinthe eyes is what got me most here.. read an article about the original absinthe which is not allowed to be sold anymore..that made you see all kind of things..

  2. Took me a few readings to get inside this, but now I like….you paint a vivid picture with each stanza… I especially like the twisting cumulus creeks … Distorted like secrecy… Gives a physicality to the mystery. Good write

  3. Absinthe in the eyes….hallucinations … This poem was definately surreal….especially that last stanza…secret creeks twisting within clouds…it’s almost as if you can visualise the water droplets making up the cloud itself

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