just me~

artwork by Jack Vettriano

i thought i had lost you

there was no rain
just me-
sheathed in silk and smoke

upholstered light hung limp
windows held secrets inside
i counted the days in-between

it is just me-
left alone-  a wintry leaf
in this land of champagne accents

i think i have lost you

©Mohana Das

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14 thoughts on “just me~

  1. Isn’t that a sad thing for anyone to think of themselves as ‘just me’
    Very nice write, sad, and filled with great imagery like ‘a wintry leaf
    in this land of champagne accents’

  2. Such a beautiful description of the light here – the upholstered light – I actually found the light the most haunting thing about the picture – and so interesting that the light is so thick while she is sheathed so diaphanously. k.

  3. you thought you lost me.
    but i was holding the door for you.
    we were sucked in and out of each other.
    passing like two trains in the twilight zone.
    missed each other…

    Dimensions apart.
    and misunderstood.
    in two more minutes
    of sight and sound
    we may have kissed

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