f l o w s

the edges of my screams are warped

sometimes water loses tensility
we become selectively blind,
like time,

and extrapolate if we must
or, immerse


©Mohana Das


15 thoughts on “deciding~

    • Hi, Anders!! Here I have tried writing how sometimes with time, our wounds don’t heal. It feels that even time cannot help us, and we are left contemplating if we should carry on with our life, or end it as a way to relieve ourselves from the hurt and pain.

  1. Lovely. Sometimes it is so difficult to let go, and we can chose to allow ourselves to drown in the sorrows of the hurt or yes, we can chose to move on again and swim for the new shores awaiting.
    Loved all of this Mohana. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photographs on your blog. Your poetry reminds me of Sylvia Plath’s work, dark and deep. Time does heal pain with courage to keep moving forward. LIfe gives you a second chance, always. 🙂

  3. You wrote a depthful poem here. I appreciated the explanation you gave Anders as well. I especially liked the first stanza which caused me to think about time and how it moves. Sometimes it is true that wounds take a while to heal, or sometimes perhaps there are just scars that one eventually finds a way to live with, but we can learn to co-exist with them…in fact, HAVE to.

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