summer splutters.
there are burns on my skin,
i lick salt edges,

evening dulls equally hot,
sucking emptiness from stems-
they exhale ringlets of smoke
and i cough up blood

tears cut across jaws
these are opiate times, and
i am yet undecided.

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse Poetics


17 thoughts on “Heat~

  1. I LOVE it!!! 🙂 Opiate times, I am yet undecided. That is great.

    These are my favorites:
    “i lick salt edges,

    “sucking emptiness from stems”

    “they exhale ringlets of smoke
    and i cough up blood” … Those are not good times.

    tears cut across jaws” … Okay, so all the lines are my favorites. 🙂 This is deliciously scary … but inviting at the same time.

  2. Hi Mohana – I wasn’t sure if you lived in India but the poem certainly sounds like it. I was in Delhi in June a couple of years ago – going up to Kashmir and Ladakh for most of the time but also back again in Delhi and to Agra as my husband had never been there, and your description is so perfect. You know I spent a fair amount of time in India many years ago – before plastic had hit – and it was so different – hot, of course, and a lot of burning smells, but plastic seems to me to have been kind of disastrous. Very intense poem – and gives a whole different meaning to opiate times – which I also take as a possible choice of apathy. k.

    • I live in Kolkata, never been to Delhi, but summers are relatively better here (so I have heard), but the humidity is terrifying.
      Thanks for stopping by, and glad you liked India 🙂 Ladakh is indeed very impressive, it tops my list of must-see in India!

  3. A sense of timelessness–of living a dream, and not an always pleasant one, caught in every line, but especially the close. Like opening a window in a close room to even hotter, heavier air.

  4. This was beautiful and uncomfortable at the same time- you capture a heat and intesity , dust and humidity,- coughing up loos and tears across jaws- made me think about how human health can suffer under such extreme conditions

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