The mural

her firefly eyes scatter sparks,
unabashed extempore of euphemisms
corroding tiled
Tagore incantations,
subtly mossed:
prints of old Bengal.

flowers of sulphur, innocence
chaste in untidy hair,
cold nocturnes tremble
in gaps of lips un-painted
trying to reign geometry in
veins inflammed.

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse Meeting the bar


14 thoughts on “The mural

  1. This was difficult. I wasn’t sure what had taken place prior to this. I assume that someone was compromised, found out – even though the liaison was innocent, the girl was upbraided reminded of what was proper, while she herself was made to stand and be chastised deep into the night in the middle of a large and imposing house. I am unsure however if that is exactly what you meant. The imagery is nevertheless both strong and affecting. I guess I just needed the “cliff notes”. Sorry.

    • Thanks!!
      I just wrote it as a mind-picture…a mural of a girl, as enigmatic as enigma herself! But now that you say, I have been thinking over it all day. This girl on the verge of womanhood is in a liaison, but there is a conflict in her mind about the same. She feels guilty of their expressions of love, her physical and emotional needs despite it all being innocent. Something like coming of age, when the conscience repeatedly keeps pricking because of existing prejudices and a rather black and white view of things.

  2. Wonderful descriptive words here and I wonder if the girl is feeling guilty re an innocent liason too – but has reached the awareness that she is now a woman, with the emotional and physical needs that this brings?

    Anna :o]

    • Yes! She has this conflict in her mind whether the new things she feels everyday are right or wrong. Its a innocent liaison, ofcourse, and the guilt is simply a growing-up thing.

  3. After reading your thoughts on this, I can see the coming of age aspect to your piece. I also imagined a beautiful mural depicting scenes of India…and poetry (incantations) by Rabindranath Tagore… lovely, Mohana.

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