mid-May collapses.
we lisp ice-blue,
obnubilate summer nights
with rained nacre

friction draws density
shapeless between forms,
running Lethe-like;
sweet ambrosia-

see us melt-
the world implodes,
we have forever been one-
an ephemera.

©Mohana Das

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22 thoughts on “#038

  1. Oh my word, this is phenomenal. Your first two lines really grab me and speak of so much loss and pain. Trying to press on with a coldness between the two of you.

    I really like the effect created by using uncommon vocabulary as pepper through a poem. Not overdoing it, just a dash here and there. “Obnubilate” is an excellent word choice. I love “rained nacre” and “running Lethe-like;
    sweet ambrosia.”

    For those who don’t look it up, Lethe (in mythology) is a river in Hades whose water causes forgetfulness of the past in those who drink it.

    Mmmm, “we have forever been one-an ephemera.” This is so amazing! I love, love, love it to pieces. Every word.

  2. really nice…love your mastery of language…you really make it dance and very effective in mood and imagery as well…love how ephemera and ambrosia play together…and lethe is a great touch too..

  3. Your poetry is like sweet ambrosia, Mohana. I love the form and structure of your thinking. This is expressively enticing to read. Thank you for sharing. =D

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