Rain, ecstasy

seamless, I melt to ragas raining,
splitting transparency to silk,
fluid feet sketch unsung: ballet
of cochineal blush, bubbles cerulean
disperse: iridescence-

amateur ink scribbled,
trembling fingers hold
deliquescent joys, laughter
my purple saari drips, weaving
longings in folds, half-unwrapped.

oriental eyes sigh, kohled
with passion alluvial;
chiffon twilights twined in
endless rain, aqueous ecstasy
spreads plumes of peacock-glass –

My heart unchained, like the glitter of
forgotten fallen stars, dances unlessoned.

©Mohana Das

“This post has been published by me as a part of IBL; the Battle of Blogs, sponsored by WriteupCafe.com. Join us at our official website and facebook page.


23 thoughts on “Rain, ecstasy

  1. This poem rushes past me in a passion I only catch in glimpses as the “purple saari drips, weaving / longings in folds, half-unwrapped.”
    It is so clear that she dances, with the rain and all water, with land and with the proud peacock and the humbler things–such ecstasy–endless, unchained, unlessoned. If this is not youth and freedom, I do not know what is.

  2. This one left me gasping a bit, I wanted to read it in one long powerful, coelescing bite. Very good use of color and texture to garner the desired feeling. I felt breathless passion and desire, the opposite of coming undone, more of a coming into being. Ahhh hell, I will stop rambling. Truly you write much better than I review…lol.

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