the girl with no name~

i watch you twirl sunrays
like flax echoes, limp
in between fingertips.

silence chortles by
bylanes, mirroring
deep in iris wells-

captive, i watch you blow songs
trebles resonant in the atmosphere.

when noon burns this distance to ash,
i will crawl in your arms, and
call myself “yours”

and those faces in gritty nooks will whisper,
“there she goes, the girl with no name.”

©Mohana Das

18 thoughts on “the girl with no name~

  1. The physical images here–the flax, the nooks–are really vivid and give the poem a lot of backbone to carry the more ethereal aspects of the message. Enjoyed it much.

  2. This is one of my favorites. It gave me chills. There’s something magical and yet haunting about a girl with no name. So much loss and pain behind that description, as if she is only a ghost.

    The last two stanzas are incredibly powerful, well written, original, and creative. I love them; they are my favorite parts, but only slightly so. I’m really crazy about the whole thing. You blew me away with this one, girl.

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