now there’s spring in the air
she had tears inside when
she left-
dissolving, a slit crescendo-

she had forgotten to cry
forgotten how it felt to fail
all that haunted light was

and, she didnt care
stooping over with ache-

peeling off, un


©Mohana Das


11 thoughts on “#039

  1. Letting go, peeling away, often is the vehicle for redemption–and I love the way you’ve cascaded the images here visually to lay out the meaning–the second stanza, especially is achingly beautiful.

  2. Your endings are always so strong:

    “peeling off, un

    I love the idea of peeling off “un.” (I’m a firm believer in individual lines being separate poems/messages, even if not intended by the writer). For example, I can break up the second stanza in different ways to get different meanings:

    “how it felt to fail all that haunted light”
    “all that haunted light was”
    “all that haunted light was perfection”

    “unlacing” could mean taking off shoes, stripping down for a shower after a run (so therapeutic), taking off undergarments and …, or completely tossing out “lace” and all it represents

    In the beginning, were the tears dissolving or was she “dissolving a slit crescendo”? (Both, of course.)

    Is she unlacing redemption, or is unlacing itself a way to achieve redemption? (Both!)

    Love it. And I’ll stop now.

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