moments curl against my skin
flowering like tea-buds
i smile, and
on the inside i’m empty

windows frame time,
trapping reflections
of soliloquies-

silence tints amber eyes
the moon is halfway
she smiles, and
on the inside she is me

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse Meeting the Bar


17 thoughts on “#043

  1. the being empty on the inside can be read in different ways..there’s this good emptiness when the brain shuts down and we come to a rest…love the images..the halfway moon..the tea-buds..nice..

  2. Funny, of course tea trees flower — I never seen them (or I don’t think I have). So I snuck a peak.

    “Moments curl against my skin” — great line.

    I’m wondering how you saw the moon and the tea buds at the same time. And I wonder what it means for you to be inside the moon. Fun images — but a little puzzled.

    • The moon is halfway meaning its almost night, and from the last line I meant on the inside even she is empty and alone like me despite the glowing happiness.
      As for tea-buds, you put them in hot water and they bloom beautifully.

  3. Hey Mohana,
    Ah, I imagined a half-moon, just after the crescent.
    Wow, that would be cool to have tea buds bloom in a beautiful glass of hot water.
    Or, are you referring to packed-tea and not the actual buds on the tea tree?

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