The Moon’s Lover

I wonder who you are, dew-eyed nymphet!
Are you a lie hung o’erhead- pearl mirage?
I wonder who you are, all smoke beset-
who hides dark secrets in the sky’s collage?

Deepened blue, soft milk-daze of mist your sighs
as lunar rain fall, quartz droplets all night.
Wrung helpless, sad tunes bawl my tired eyes
for mercy beg, beg fractioned Karmic light!

But cold your heart, you burn to sodden dust
live Souls enslaved at naked nacre feet.
Your priest, us- caught in magic wild to rust
raw scars pour cankered lust, all times we meet.

I wither, limpid bud, your dying love
while you wait preying: playing fragile dove!

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse OpenLink Night.


20 thoughts on “The Moon’s Lover

  1. Graceful Shakespearean sonnet, Mohana. Very elegant, imaginative while conceiving the milky night maiden- partner to the moon. A unique kind of love sonnet beautifully executed with a perfect volta turn at L9 – “but cold your heart”. Wonderful work!

  2. I love this! Excellent. The first two stanzas are my favorites.

    “dew-eyed nymphet”
    “a lie hung o‚Äôerhead- pearl mirage”
    “dark secrets in the sky‚Äôs collage”
    “soft milk-daze of mist your sighs”
    “Wrung helpless”
    “naked nacre feet”
    “raw scars pour cankered lust”
    “I wither, limpid bud”

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