i watch him thumb codes,
cellphone screen burning
live with passion-
those sweet brown eyes-

i turn back to my CRO
fluorescence oscillating hard,
sinusoids, AMs, FMs-
my heart is a turbid whisper

fields below are pools of
rainy-green, teenage legs
run footing a ball,
loud swear words, and

i’m back to those brown eyes
wishing i could read
that controlled smile on
lips that look so welcoming

outside the wind is an enigma

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse Poetics.


20 thoughts on “#045

  1. Honestly I didn’t follow Claudia here (I see she’s on your blogroll) – I spotted this poem as I surfed wordpress poetry over a cup of tea. This has to be the only poem I have ever read which has ‘CRO’ in it (um… ‘Character read-out’? How would I know – I’m over fifty!) and juxtaposes that with ‘turbid’.

    Welcome to my blogroll on the strength of that.


  2. nice…can feel the bit of tension in the moment….the anticipation or desire…i like the play of color from the brown eyes to the green fields….back to brown….i wonder if there is not some symbolism in the green…

  3. I like this! It sounds like a poem about unrequited love, wondering how someone feels about you, trying to read his eyes, yearning for those lips, but it’s all an enigma. Well written! And thank you for your nice comment on my blog 🙂

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