“October”, I sighed-
ruffling stenciled organza,
starched metaphors,
sap-stains –
dusk dishevelling my hair
infinity enjambed
between caustic scratches

you snapped, knitting wintry eyebrows

topaz webs line
foamy mugs of beer
wrinkled stars impoverished
against Halloween eyes-
“i didn’t choke your fireflies”, i repeat,
“nevertheless, my apologies. i will
feed you salvia stems,
my apples are midgets, and
cider is pricy.”

you went on hammering an
useless cask, cursing hot under
your breath.

©Mohana Das


16 thoughts on “October~

  1. I sigh over October, too–but you put it so much better than I ever could! Great bits throughout–starched metaphors, wintry eyebrows, impoverished stars… And I love the fireflies. Beautifully put.

  2. [Jaw drop.] You really share this magic with us for free? I am truly honored to be one of your readers.

    This is heartbreaking; the loneliness pierces me. No one hears you. Why are they his fireflies? They should be yours. You are feeding sage, so you must be a healer, a nourisher, a provider, a sustainer.

    I feel like the speaker in this poem is being accused of extinguishing the light in the relationship. She is trying to smooth things over even though he doesn’t hear her at all. But no matter what she does, he is grumbling, angry, drunk, and cruel. (P.S. When I make up these stories, I am not talking about you. So don’t get upset with me!)

    I adore this:
    “infinity enjambed
    between caustic scratches”

    And when you say he is hammering a useless cask, I think you are calling him the cask, saying that he is useless and is getting hammered.

    You amaze me.

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