this is me~

some mornings i watch
the moon recede
faint pearl

there are stars
sweating cold on my back
cascading hair

a requiem-
do i ask questions?

brown fingers
fold in the warmth
twirl foggy curls

my eyes are songs
shedding silence on skin
neurotic, ekphrastic

an enigma-
do i paint me so?

windows weep
against nude mirrors
i kiss my heart

there are whispers alive
freezing bubbles in
tremulous time:

a sigh-
do i know me?

©Mohana Das

Linked to dVerse Poetics


8 thoughts on “this is me~

  1. this is quite beautiful. “my eyes are songs” and “i kiss my heart” are such lovely images. I enjoyed this very much. I look forward to reading more.

  2. The depth here is amazing. Do I know me, a requiem-do I ask questions?- Wow, I just love these. As do I the fantastic imagery you chose here. Quite the enjoyable read, packed with introspection and a very strong sense of depth. Thank you so much for sharing with us tonight

  3. Once, a few years ago I did the very same thing. Happened to actually ‘look’ at myself in the mirror and truly, I wondered who this woman was, staring back at me.
    The imagery in all of this is so lovely. The fog on the mirror, windows weep, stars sweating cold on your back. Beautiful imagery.
    I too wonder if in the end, we ever know who we really are. Some (like me) never stop digging deep within to try and discover the answers.

  4. Im sure you felt every word when you typed this piece of wonderfully rhythmic piece, laced with fluent words that just about sums you up.

    Keep writing!!
    Am a fan of your poems and your vocabulary!
    Making it a point to follow you.

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