that summer of love~

that summer split open at the seams, overripe
you held me tight, a siren of smoke-
i forgot sleep, all entwined-
candied naked, we smelt of bliss!

that summer the sun honeyed skies
kissed aloud our blazing eyes-
i fed you pollen with my tongue-
our bodies fused, exploding neutrons!

that summer i burnt my thesis
hugged dark knees by a flaccid sea-
i weeded out those dilute stars-
your Soul shimmered, fair Destiny!

that summer you drew with blood
abstract faces on violet mists
dreams aborted, you inside-
that summer there lived a girl called “me.”

©Mohana Das


15 thoughts on “that summer of love~

  1. wow……………this renders me speechless. i adore every stanza but the last one just gives me shivers again and again as i re-read. i wish i could once write even half as striking as you. gorgeous.

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