shadows have yellowed in the heat
naked spines, thorns
cackle like a witch’s curse

upon wild breathing winds, who
swoop, pick up scorched dust,

the skies are empty
without a sun,
or a slice of zodiac

their memories ash
littering a tilted horizon-

bewitched growth tickles
with mangled fingers, and the
earth spits expired blood

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse Poetics


14 thoughts on “#050

  1. I really liked your choice of words like “cackle” that represent well phonetically the word of desolation and “cracking”. I love that you introduced the “tilted horizon” into your poem.

  2. Ash memories littering horizon—captures your vision of naked spines and thorns cackling like a witch’s curse. No sun or slice of zodiac. It’s a bleak image, no doubt, well captured.

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