pools of stasis
hold secrets-
creosote brown, blue-
and fallen stars,

lily-winged, who
long drowned- their
wet voices bleed abandon,
midnight silence.

haunted hearts of
purple, and
crimsons bleached
float aimless in semi-

whispers in veins
vernal green throbbing

to live-
their heartbeats
melt in the quiet waters-
resurrection, light.

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse Poetics. Photo courtesy Terry S.Amstutz


15 thoughts on “#051

  1. the first part is almost haunting the way you paint it..but then the resurrection in the last stanza..love the thought of them having a heartbeat that melt in the water…something so vividly alive and serene in that image..

  2. i think it’s my favorite interpretation of mobius’ beautiful images. love every line, and the ending took my breath away. you’re truly the master of words. thank you for sharing your gift~

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