Missing you

saturday night-

i’m drenched in cold, counting
four months from

the moon hangs behind thorn trees
white light tangled somewhere
and i’m screaming lyrics-

“i should have been chasing you,
i should have been trying to prove
that you’re all that matters to me…”

screaming inside my head
screaming like it’s not a song.

i shut my eyes-
scared it all might fade with time-
your sunshine smile
the heat curling up inside my chest
those hours i would wait
my nervous heartbeats

and i know i should have
tried telling you why-
nahh, i should have told you why-

“i miss you, love.”

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse Poetics.


12 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. “Screaming inside…like it’s not a song” is pure poetic beauty. Music is also a big part of my perceptions and has helped inform how I interpret the world around me. Really nice tribute.

  2. A memory of love, and what makes this more difficult, is that it is a memory of things left unsaid….and that tugs at the heartstrings. Great poem…nice, relaxed style to it as well…just flows….stu mcp

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