Shadows on my Wall

Shadows dance upon my wall,
Leaf-like, netted-light,
Black and bright,
Pale purple,
Or, is it pink?

Words rambling in my mind,
Unwritten diary,
Poetry un-made.

Awake in bed,
Moonbeam pillowed,
Cocooned in the warmth of his smile
Reflecting off my brow.

Shadows dance upon my wall,
No more fiery now, cold
Sketches of the night
Dancing with the breeze,
To unheard music.

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse Poetics

First Published in Sudden Thunder, an anthology by Silver Bow Publishing, Canada


11 thoughts on “Shadows on my Wall

  1. nice…Cocooned in the warmth of the moon’s smile..the night sketches dancing to unheard music..and these un-written words sometimes develop a life of their own..smiles

  2. A lovely poem, Mohana – from the netted light (such a lovely description) to the moonbeams on pillow, and cocooned person, and the whole idea of the music and unwritten poetry. Just lovely. k.

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