April 5

today began with anticipation
rattling my nerves. i
woke up a full quarter earlier
to muse if i should choose
the blue or the white to party!

today began with a spring in
my steps, my dark eyes wiping
last night’s damp, as i rushed
about repeating the best way
to yell “surprise” for a friend.

strewing hiccups across the
April sun, i sat serenading
remembrance, waiting impatient
for the lights to gleam, be ready
to sing, an untuned, “birthday”!

i know not when it turned on me-
it was my name in sweetheart pink-
i thought i would break under
this vortex of joys, this
happiness swelling proud in me.

they taught me to blow match-stick
candles bright, to share a single slice
of cake, they lead me in this
whorl of warmth; at twenty-one,
i learnt to smile at surprises!

with cream smears on my cheeks,
silently, i lisped wondering
if they would ever know, cause i
know i can’t ever show how much i love them
for this, for memories, moments, evermore.

©Mohana Das

This is a poem on the surprise b’day party my lovely friends organised for me last year!


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