wednesday i overdosed

i’ve been reeling ever since
-my mind black-
crying ever since
regretting having lied

regretting being still alive

as if held by a thread-
l i f e- by
gravity so weak
i might just fall, and

you’re nowhere here to hold me

there is so much to ask
so much darkness inside my heart
i can’t think inbetween sobs
i can’t breathe, and

i’ve been wondering-

even as i sleep
if you would ever be kind
enough to forgive me, let
me heal the hurt i inflicted?

©Mohana Das 


7 thoughts on “#061

  1. why have you been so negative mohana?? it hurts to see you write such lines for i knw.. writings are pretty, but the thoughts that lead to the writing wasn’t. You know.. sometimes, i just read your blogs and leave.. for i mostly donn have anything else to comment.. Hoping you heal soon.
    N 🙂

      • what i feel is.. just don’t fight anymore. Let go of the rigidity and become more flexible as a person. That is going to make you feel better as well as a strong human being. Learn to accept that shit happens and its going to be alright soon. I would like to quote something for you.. Remember this all your life and you would be unbreakable.
        “Heartache is like cold. You know it will happen. Sometimes it ‘ll be mild, and sometimes it ‘ll be very bad. You may think you will die, but it is simply cold- a fact of life, a temporary condition and just a matter of few days.”
        Don’t worry, you ‘ll heal soon 🙂

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