my eyes sting.

i wrote you letters i could never post.

but i told you i’m sorry, like
i told Maa i’m sorry but she never returned
– too angry, never forgave

and i kept hoping.

neither of you ever missed me.

i cried alone.
i slashed my wrists, and
i screamed aloud right next to you-
but you had headphones on high

neither of you ever heard me

and i kept hoping.

i pressed my cheek against the glass,
took in sedatives, all night i lay
making love to loneliness

inside-out, i cried.

desperate to die.

there is still so much to ask
but neither of you’ll ever reply

i know, yet i keep hoping.

©Mohana Das


12 thoughts on “#070

  1. A very sad poem, brought tears with its power. I’m not sure why you killed raindrops creating art on restlessness, as it is a powerful hook into the poem..loved it all the same.

  2. There is a rawness in the structure which coheres with the edge of the voice. I like the conveying of the whys of the despair as well. Thank you.

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