Because you are an enigma

Because you are an enigma, i fold you deep in the secrets of my soul. Summer rain falters on wind laden leaves, spilling fresh petrichor all along and with my stubby fingers, i write your name on dark grey clouds.

Because you are an enigma, i keep you safe from starlight, afraid lest some stranger unravel you. Evening curls in the low branches of pregnant mango trees, retelling stories of various shades and i search your heartbeats in the bounds of infinity.

Because you are an enigma, i hide you in the dark mysteries of my quietly shut eyes. When the moon falls past the horizon, i will let them bloom to guide you to me and on the brink of forever, mirrors of ether will proclaim us one.

©Mohana Das


13 thoughts on “Because you are an enigma

  1. i should confess that every time i see the notification about your post in the mail i feel awakened. thank you for your beautiful words, for sharing your unique poetic light Mohana.
    this really resonates with me~

  2. well i like to think of every so called ‘mundane’ experience of life as enigma..

    trash on a road..a letter..a number..word..story..
    or even a step in spring forth a new one in forward…

    Enigma experienced as all things..
    Is in LIGHT of all i
    i do
    i experience..
    love..and Light
    in this way2…:) lovely words..
    truly ya bring here2..:)

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