I think of You~

in the rain-
darkness, the sunset
being sheathed i sit and
think of you

likewise, or
perhaps in whispers
-i tell you-
the normal assumes a glow
everytime, it rains
and there in my heart
a distinct un-frazzled
symphony rings insane
in the rain-

and us-
do you ever wonder-
we had been spinning
dreams, dragon-
fly gauge
iridescence blooming wet
like petrichor from
the shy womb of our earth
holding secrets in her net
darkness, the sunset

evading the soft
periphery bet-ween
cherry and
star-shadow stud
the low billows of clouds
perched on woodlands-
i have been penning
songs of despair and us-
on some lost strand
being sheathed i sit and

i love you
like i’ve never
loved before. i love you
the way it rains
with an euphoria true-
infinity, every distance
and i, disarmed
in your half-moon hue,
think of you (and only you)

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse: Form- Glosa


24 thoughts on “I think of You~

  1. Oh my word. Sheesh, woman! I’m dripping sweat and an eternity of trees between my spells of crying. You amaze me! Stanza 3 just blows me away, and Stanza 4 right behind it. You write other-worldly, painful love poetry like none I’ve seen.

    “and there in my heart
    a distinct un-frazzled
    symphony rings insane”

    Amen. Whew. I feel sated. I adore you.

  2. ‘Petrichor’ is such a wonderful word, isn’t it? The myrrh of rain and grass and woodland and earth and soil. I love how you wove ee’s words into a wondrous, uncoiling declaration of love. This glosa shines up until the subtle and courageously untraditional coda “(and only you)”. Well done!

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