his flesh all stained with me, half-
cocained, a something

(i can’t find the right word now)

les verres melt, stuck-
cycles of cyclic anticipation,
with paranoia, alive- she holds no
re—lease, inter-
leaving in a disease-

mon cher, “i carry your heart
with me

together with hard round pills.

sugar- i’m still raw. and

they’re back upon his skin
deliriously black
tattooed- my fingers, half-
free, entirety caught un-
decided on his vin-rose lips

i have questions,
unanswered, (but i know(?))
“you are not worth me.”

©Mohana Das
Photo courtesy: Leovi
Linked to D’verse Poetics

17 thoughts on “#072

  1. strong last line….not worth me…there is a nice feeling of self worth behind it…great use of language….cocained as a verb is cool…vin-rose lips….nice response ma’am

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