perhaps this is how silence overpowers-
i am yet to taste his definitions,
the lilt of his voice

and time is aging-

it is a different summer
waltzing wild in cathartic rain

i am yet to ask his name

but tonight it is just me
wooing the azure with
piya tora kaisa abhimaan

©Mohana Das

*”Piya tora kaisa abhimaan” is a hindi song. Find it on youtube. An English translation of the song can be found here.

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13 thoughts on “#074

  1. “to taste his definitions \ the lilt of his voice”: how very beautiful. I really liked that you shared the song, too, cause I especially enjoy Indian singer voices – how deep and sad and… emotional.
    Your poem goes well with the song. Great pairing.

  2. …it is always hard to express love while at the same time wearing silence… as you said time is aging but we aged fast & chances do fades if we don’t pay attention & pour a bit of courage… go on… freed your heart… rejection won’t kill ya… it will only teach you to grow & be bolder… smiles… excellent Mohana!

  3. “it is a different summer
    waltzing wild in cathartic rain”
    … delicious.
    Mohana, your writing is so delicate, I fear breaking it just by reading – and yet, it has such a powerful undercurrent. beautiful, beautiful work.

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