The Last Dinner (together)

66 minutes later
my eardreams hurt
there has been
not a word, nothing save

soy sauce and
entropy in duet spilled
i care not nor about
tines of forks clanging

clinging to clones

i tossed my lunettes in the bin
no, i won’t stop you this time
the rain be damned

i have fallen out of love

©Mohana Das


7 thoughts on “The Last Dinner (together)

  1. This is so very heart-rending and expresses so well the pain when one realizes that a relationship is over. The phrase that put it over the top for me was “soy sauce and entropy…” What great writing.

  2. Mohana, this is a strong poem, and you have definitely ‘nailed’ the falling out of love. I feel the determination in the last lines. And yes, rain be damned indeed!

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