For the happiest trip ever?


Yes, I would like to take my family to this sleek, chic, part-Victorian cosmopolis on a holiday. And why not? Melbourne is Australia’s most romantic city, the continent’s throbbing vibrant culture capital!

Melbourne::Magic! Exploring the hidden cobblestone laneways, the arcades, the little boutiques or lazily sipping a rich café latte over those numerous unfinished conversations that get clouded by work at one of the many cafés, Melbourne has all the options. We will see the city riding a Harley Davidson, the neon sparkling in the Yarra, the breeze caressing our faces. *sigh* Or just walking along Southbank, holding hands, re-living those first days of falling in love, whispering sweet nothings, re-living those date nights of gazing into each other’s eyes at the very Italian Guiseppe Arnoldi & sons and later a kiss on the Crown Promenade as the golden fireballs go off!

121___082 And then there is Eureka Towers at night- a glittering, jeweled Melbourne sprawling down. And how can I leave out the balloon ride at dawn? A sleepy Melbourne cocooned in lush reds and oranges below, and infinity overhead.


The afternoons we must spend at St.Kilda, or Brighton swimming in the turquoise waters, getting a tan, sharing ice creams and laughter! And then being teenagers again at Luna Park, screaming loud and louder as the roller coaster breathlessly rushes down. Mornington Peninsula, too, will be on the itinerary. Afterall a happy mind is all about a healthy body and what can be more rejuvenating, more de-stressing than a spa!

While in Melbourne, to skip a drive down the Great Ocean Road will amount to sin! This will be the romantic highlight, driving along the heartbreaking-ly blue Antarctic, watching out for whales, sipping in the salty eucalyptus-infused air, the wind wild in the air. Nirvana! WP_20130803_028-001
Then there are the gorgeous Twelve Apostles, the Loch Ard Gorge, and miles and miles of wind lashed beaches. Just the thought of gifting him a holiday adorned with such beauty makes my heart sing. I am longing to picture us silhouetted prettily against this poetic landscape.


For a relationship that’s been under the daily grind for years, a Gourmet Tour of the Yarra Valley screams bliss. So we will go winding through the rolling vineyards and orchards of this fairytale place, stopping to savour freshly picked fruits, IMG_3426-001and rounds of beautiful cheese and ofcourse, wine! In the Yarra Valley you are spoilt for choice. Start with wines at De Bortoli, thread through to Rochford and end at Oakridge wines. I can almost picture that disarming smile of his! On the way, we will stop at Healesville for those luscious you-make-me-swoon chocolates.


Can it get any better? Ah! I am smiling already!


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