Dark Green

here the trees are still green-
their friendless cry rages
night-long outside
my window

i think of Cathy and
her mad eyes are
suddenly fireflies in the woods
plucking from moss-black limbs,
shards of poetry.

here winter is part tepid,
sprawling shameless on my legs,
below stars, on waves that
smell of pale-green sap
as they strike, with
ruthless angst, precipitate,
and leave them gifts of salt spume.

©Mohana Das

Linked to D’verse


19 thoughts on “Dark Green

  1. waves smelling of pale-green sap and her eyes fireflies in the wood…very cool images…also winter sprawling shameless on my legs… ah i wait for spring to spread on my legs you know…smiles

  2. cathy sounds like quite the character…hey if she can find poetry, all the better….the friendless trees was an interesting touch….the last stanza is by far my fav though…spread on the legs and waves of sap…

  3. Here, too, winter is tepid. In deserts there are huge differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, such that I end up changing clothes once or twice a day. I especially like the sensuality of the last stanza.

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