From Lt.Bourke Street

10°C, my torrid bones are freezing. The street is a river of glossy black caramel, spreading out at both ends, before hugging herself, narrowing again. Condensation is sweet quinine. It had rained all of yesterday. The trees are bare. I can’t name them. Wordlessly I assign them to the bright purple poinsettias back home. Mrs. Parma’s is quiet after dolling away the preceding night. Sans the glare, she looks less intimidating. I stare at the foreign-ness of the atmosphere. Spun sugar-candy. The taste sticking to my palate. Cul-de-sacs fold into themselves, melt away in scentless symphonies of glass and steel. Today the morning had blushed silver on the walls of the Ovolo. With the duvet pulled up to my chin, I had stood before the mirror, still wearing the letters I had written you on my skin. Still unposted. Still alive. The skies are already a solid blue, roofing Parliament station in thin sheets of translucency. I had wanted to ring you up after getting in drunk last night. Craving the primal heat of intimacy. This ache is still a mystery. A recursive mystery. Relentlessly chasing me. A silver haired lady in a green sweater keeps me company in the loneliness. Later in the Yarra, we would talk of Calcutta and the IPL. I cross the wiry street a hundred times, trying to warm up under layers of borrowed wool and think of the beaches at Lorne. Think of your voice. All those unanswered calls. Emails. The trams are still in bed. I always wanted to say I love you. I don’t know why I did not. Maybe the rain will return. Soon. This city is garnered in folds of black and grey. Everything sparkles, sings to me in bee-lipped accents. I lean against the lamp post, smile at nothingness. You should come every season, because every season the magic is new, the lady from Tasmania whispers.


Linked to D’verse Meeting the Bar


8 thoughts on “From Lt.Bourke Street

  1. “My torrid bones are freezing” — that’s the paradox of this sprawling canvas of rather detached and cold observations by a speaker who is dying for “the primal heat of intimacy.” Prose poem works well here, is itself a metaphor for a longing for sweet rain.

  2. This is steeped in mood, awesome writing….especially “sings to me in bee-lipped accents”. Love the letters written on the skin, unsent and the “still alive.”. Powerful writing. Loved it.

  3. fav parts… the glossy caramel…i like much
    Cul-de-sacs fold into themselves, melt away in scentless symphonies of glass and steel…. love the lady from tasmania as well…the magic and how the cold of the outside mirrors the feelings inside

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