and the river went her way

Fireflies had their hearts torn out. Carcasses lay bobbing on crescendos. We had a pockmarked sky. We had stars that had burnt out.

My hands were seaweeds.

Sometimes when the rain falls hesitant on my vertebrae, I stuff my screams in time and knit nostalgia. From the walls of my arteries, all those old songs you sung to me late night recall themselves with their meanings misplaced. Music drips like wax on the roots of my hair. Our silence smolders the limitlessness between us.

I wait for him to reclaim my soul.

Quietly the darkness rises. Quietly I float in the depths of Lethe.

It was a night of storms when he took back his promise and left.

11 thoughts on “and the river went her way

  1. ThEre is the night of the firefly.. and glowing diatom.. spreading in shores of gulf beach bliss…

    And stars in the unlit civilized ways.. of today.. crowding out the lights of heavenly awe…

    So i close my eyes.. and plug in to the magicK musicK and past.. and although the fireflies.. no longer
    fly in freedom of my world.. and the moon is lost in the parking lot of life.. with stars of awe too..


    THERE is another entrance waiting for bliss.. in a room of heaven now..

    and all though the heavenly sights are gone…

    The Uni VERSE once again.. flows free..

    in dance of bliss!

    in room
    of me..:)

    and i am now complete.. wHere the romance of yesterday…

    is in me NOW! flying free on terrestrial plane

    of butterfly cocooned yes..

    fluttering.. floating..

    free.. A


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