Of leaflets~

we are tired of moisture
all over reticulations
and the greyed sky of
cancerous nacre overhead

the buds are full-
amorous rubies lacquered-
the edges curl outwards
holding cold anxiety

we stare at bleached barks
eucalyptic summers lost
and tea-tree oils heavy,
the atmosphere dank, liquored

slowly fear trudges in
there are whispers, screams
the rains have broken shores
overwhelming existence

soon these roots will decay
we will fall off, orphaned
washed away, helpless
somewhere in oblivion

as a last prayer we
sing to you, o Almighty-
have mercy, please
soak our earth no more

©Mohana Das

Image courtesy: Google

Published for The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMoreContest on Indiblogger


28 thoughts on “Of leaflets~

  1. oh i so feel that song, that plea..we had way too much rain this summer…and i’m afraid one day it’s over and we have to wait a whole year until it returns with new hope..

  2. Oh, I know the feeling… it hasn’t stopped raining here in weeks! “the greyed sky of
    cancerous nacre overhead” that really resonated for me….beautifully written piece 🙂

  3. a vivid, poetically floating verse. i enjoy the way you used the words ‘lacquered’ and ‘liquored’ here. oh and i wish you send a bit of your rains to where i am, we haven’t had it for more than a month.. thanks for sharing!:)

  4. These floods are terrible. It’s not supposed to be that way. We could wish you could transfer the clouds our way – we’re living in a burning desert where going through the door is like walking into a baking oven..blasting us back to airconditioned accommodations.

    The poem is lyrical and almost prayerful. Beautiful.

  5. Awesome and should say you actually redfine words and compel the reader to actually visualize the text…beautiful. I hope God will hear your prayer..

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