colorblind eyes scavenge resonating light
dimness molests refractions-
metal fluids loud in the moon
faces lose substance
fuse in amorphous retrospect, deep in
saging seas-
when the knife trembled onto the floor,
i sensed calamity unsealing pickle jars
©Mohana Das
Linked to D’verse Poetics

14 thoughts on “aging~

  1. You know sometimes I fear getting older and sometimes I think oh well…that’s life but I do fear not being able to do things I now take for granted that scares me a lot! Oh and I had trouble with a herb jar the other day…oh dear! You really capture the fear of getting older so succinctly in this one… great write!

  2. hopefully i am able to age gracefully….aging itself holds little fear for me…or loss of looks….maybe loss of health and the ability to do and with that losing my contact with the world…

  3. Indeed aging doesn’t bring a lot of pleasant thoughts. Not a pretty picture, though (I fear) so very accurate:

    “faces lose substance
    fuse in amorphous retrospect”

  4. great poem, an a strong voice throughout, especially in the opening and the close (which loved)….fear of getting old…yep- i fear it…but i think its more than that…its time passing and knowing that you cant get it back…v well done indeed

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